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Fellow FAQ


HOw Do I join the program?

We recruit three times per year, in January, May and September. Each cohort runs for four months.

What opportunities do I have to get involved?

Join a team: Fellows join a team project along with four other young professionals, attend all workshops and fundraise $1500 for the YCore program. This role is best for young professionals who are early in their career or have limited social impact experience but are eager to learn.

Lead a project: Project Leads find nonprofit partners, discuss organizational challenges, scope ideas into a project and lead their team to success. Previous YCore experience is not necessary, but you should have strong leadership and project management potential. This role is a unique chance to develop a deep relationship with a nonprofit and learn YCore's process for project scoping, supported by YCore Leadership and four other Project Leads. Project Leads get started a few months before their project starts to find and scope their project and raise $2000 for YCore.

Attend events: We host public events 4-6 times per year on topics ranging from social entrepreneurship to corporate social responsibility. Follow us on facebook or sign-up for emails to get notified. 

Donate: YCore Fellows who join in the next five years are projected to add $30M of value to the social sector and local nonprofits. We are mobilizing a new generation of community partners and advocates. Donate to help us bring this program to more young professionals. 

How often do you meet and where?

YCore Fellows commit at least 5 hours per week outside of work to their project work and YCore workshops. Workshops are held bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings in San Francisco and Thursday evenings in the Peninsula. Outside of workshops, teams meet at least bi-weekly at a time and location of their choosing. Most project work can be done on your own time, but Fellows and PLs should expect at least a few partner calls and meetings to take place during business hours.

Why Fundraise?

Our give-or-get financial commitment supports YCore programming and ensures that we can continue to nurture community engagement and bring our program to more young professionals. Although Fellows are welcome to give out-of-pocket, we think fundraising is one of the most important skills you can learn to support the nonprofit sector, so we want to help you to practice that skill in a structured way while helping us keep doing our work.

Additionally, we feel strongly that the $1500 cost should not be a barrier to entry for any fellow. We believe fundraising gives fellows the opportunity to cover the costs of the program with the help of their community, rather than upfront. We believe the most important criteria for evaluating potential fellows are eagerness to have a long-term impact, ability to contribute to a project, and fit for the YCore community, not their ability to afford a certain program fee.

Finally, we believe that social impact is fundamentally a community endeavor. We hear from young professionals that they often don't know how to talk about their own journeys or the issues they care about with their colleagues, family, or friends. By asking fellows to fundraise, we are giving them a reason to spread the word about the work they are doing and shedding light on the importance of getting involved. At the same time, fellows are asking their communities to hold them accountable for their growth. Their village is literally bought in to the impact they are trying to make during their fellowship and beyond, and, hopefully, that village will also be inspired to deepen their own social impact work, whether with YCore or elsewhere.

We teach a workshop on fundraising and offer support along the way, and we work our hardest to make sure fellows are supported and connected during the process.

Who counts as a young professional?

Our Fellows are early-career, working professionals, mostly between the ages of 23-35. We don't offer programs for students or mid-career professionals, although we encourage everyone to come to our speaker events. If you don’t think you fit our demographic but want to get involved, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@ycore.org.

WhEn are you coming to my city?

Although we are currently based in San Francisco and the Peninsula, we think there is a huge opportunity to scale throughout the Bay Area and the whole country. Please reach out if you're interested in helping us do so.