Announcing our 2016 nonprofit partners

We are excited to be working with four amazing nonprofits this year who have a strong track record serving communities in need in the Bay Area.


YCore is creating a marketing and digital content strategy for CODE2040 to grow their student, mentor, entrepreneur and supporter base for their tech inclusion programs. Code2040’s goal is to ensure that by the year 2040 – when the US will be majority-minority – Blacks and Latino/as are proportionally represented in America's innovation economy as technologists, investors, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Kiva Zip

We are partnering with Kiva Zip, Kiva’s US-focused small business loan platform, to increase their borrower base in the Bay Area. YCore will develop borrower personas, then research, build and test a direct mail marketing strategy to gain traction within the small business community.

New Door Ventures

YCore is working with Pedal Revolutions, one of New Door’s social businesses and ally partners, to streamline their bike rental service. New Door’s goal is to grow their bike shop business to provide more job readiness opportunities to at-risk youth as part of their long-term goal to serve 2,000 youth by 2020.

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

We are partnering with Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center to develop and prototype curriculum to help entrepreneurs access technology-based tools to run and market their businesses. Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center is a nonprofit small business development organization dedicated to helping women and men who traditionally lack access to resources and information to achieve financial self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.  

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You can also still make a donation to support YCore. This year, we had over 60 applications for only 19 spots across four projects. We are determined to expand our program throughout the Bay Area and across the country in the coming years, so that more nonprofits and young professionals can participate in our unique and innovative program. We need your support to do so. Donate here.

Meet our project leads!


Last year, we learned that dedicated Project Leads could help keep teams on track. This year, we formalized this role and recruited four amazing young professionals to source, scope, plan and lead projects during the 2016 program.

Alex Nana-Sinkam: Alex is back for a second year with YCore after working on the Able Works project last year as a Fellow. She is part of the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn and is passionate about human rights and economic inequality.

Brittany Cheng: Brittany gained significant exposure to the social impact space while volunteering in high school and working with the Berkeley Innovation group in college. She now works as an internationalization product manager at Yelp. She is passionate about technology inclusion and education.

Ellen Yan: Ellen impressed us by regularly committing 2-5 hours per week to local organizations working with animals, refugees and low-income people while also working long hours in finance. She currently works as a data analyst at shopkick and is looking forward to partnering with a nonprofit to address economic inequality next year.

Rima Akras: Rima might as well mean “people first.” She brings a wealth of experience running international summer camps and coordinating school-wide events at UC Davis, and now recruits top engineering talent at LinkedIn. She is excited to tackle issues related to education and youth development.

Meet our fellows (Part 2)

The YCore 2015 fellows are an awesome bunch. Learn more about their commitment to giving back and their quirky favorite things. 


Tania Anaissie

Q: Why are you excited about YCore?
A: It gives me the opportunity to use my seemingly general design skill set in an impactful way. I get to socialize and work with like-minded people who care about social issues. I get to gain experience applying design to the social sector.

Q: What’s your favorite ______ ?
A: My favorite thing to do is to create meaningful experiences for other people. I want them to experience a shift in their view of the world, or simply have an amazing time getting to know other people and really connect.


Jessie Duan

Q: Why do you volunteer?
A: Why would you not take the opportunity to make a world a better place?

Q: What’s your favorite ______ ?
A: Food: BACON!


Wei Ling Heng

Q: What’s a social issue you’re really passionate about and why?
A: I am passionate about improving accessibility to fresh food and creating sustainable production practices to ensure that everyone has a chance to eat local. Having studied consumption from an economic standpoint, I hope to increase my supply chain knowledge by working with other students and experts. 

Q: Why are you excited about YCore?
A: I have made some really good friends in YCore and really value working with them to help our clients achieve better results. It is always fun to ideate and build solutions with friends. 


Jacklyn Trejo

Q: Why do you volunteer?
A: I volunteer because helping others infuses my own life with purpose and builds deep relationships.

Q: What philanthropy pursuits have really shaped your perspective?
A: I’ve been involved with juvenile justice, women in technology, and corporate foundation strategy.

Q: What’s your favorite ______ ?
A: Quote: “We fight for and against not men and things as they are, but for and against the caricatures we make of them.” –J.A. Schumpeter


Jason Chen

Q: What’s a social issue you’re passionate about and why?
A: I think racial, gender, or other systematic injustice/discrimination is a really important problem. It goes against everything we believe in about “America” and so many people are deprived of opportunities everyday. It happens so close around us, how can we not care?  We know that when everyone can do what they are good at, we will all benefit from the result!

Q: What’s your favorite ______ ?
A: TV personality: John Oliver! He’s so funny and blunt, and most importantly he always leaves with actions you can take to make a difference.


Vivian Shen

Q: Why do you volunteer?
A: It helps put things in perspective and reconnects me with old friends and helps make new ones.

Q: Why are you excited about YCore?
A: Because I get to work on impactful, interesting projects and meet amazing new people.