YCore was founded in 2014 by a group of Stanford alumni who wanted to inspire young professionals to get involved in the social sector–now, not later

Our Mission

We inspire, support and connect the next generation of social change makers with high-impact philanthropic opportunities.

How it works

For Volunteers

  • We recruit young professionals who are passionate about social impact, and place you in a team according to your skills, interests, and your location.

  • We match your team with a local nonprofit which is seeking skilled volunteers.
  • Your team works on a strategic project over a 4-6 month period within a 3-5 hour weekly time commitment.
  • You will attend workshops led by social sector experts, which will expand your knowledge of strategic philanthropy.
  • You will join a network of young professionals who are passionate about social impact. 

For Nonprofit Partners

  • We work with you to scope a high-impact, strategic project which our volunteers can complete over a 4-6 month period. 
  • We match you with a team of highly skilled and passionate volunteers. 
  • We ensure that our teams communicate effectively with you throughout the 4-6 month process. 
  • You will expand your network of young supporters who are passionate about the work you are doing for the community. 

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Our 2017 Bay Area Partners

Our 2016 Bay Area Partners

Our 2015 Bay Area Projects


Able Works is a nonprofit whose mission is to equip individuals with financial education, life skills and assets that enable them to live free from oppression and poverty. YCore volunteers assisted Able Works with designing and developing a new program to get job-ready, low-income women into stable jobs in the Silicon Valley. 


The Art of Yoga Project (AYP) is a leader in revolutionizing the rehabilitation of girls by offering trauma-informed, strength-based, gender-responsive services. YCore volunteers designed and built a platform that allows teachers to train virtually in AYP methods.  


In 2014, the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, Just Business, and Not For Sale decided to create a solution for those left behind by the growing inequality gap. YCore volunteers helped prototype and develop the business plan for a new contract packing venture that provides dignified employment for underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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